CreoSuite is a package of learning products and services that can help schools in the delivery of learning either in a face-to-face setup or in the new normal.

The suite has six programs that schools can take advantage of. These are CreoApps, CreoWork, Creobotics, CreoLab, CreoNihongo and CreoLMS.

CreoApps are mobile applications on Math, Araling Panlipunan and Filipino. The content is based on the curriculum of the Department of Education. CreoApps aims to reinforce the learning of the challenging topics in these subject areas. It can serve as a companion to teachers and parents in the delivery of lessons through interactive multimedia exercises that are designed to meet the learning needs of today’s learners.

CreoWork is a structured online work immersion and on-the-job training delivered in the new normal without sacrificing the gaining of technical and soft or essential skills by students. The use of industry tools for processing HR, Accounting and Operations transactions allows students to have a better appreciation of the significance of these tools and systems in an organization. Work ethics and discipline in a work from home setup make the students become prepared for future employment and/or business. The technical skills acquired in the program are relevant to what the industry needs at this time.

Creobotics is a robotics package for the basic and tertiary education students. It cultivates problem-solving and analytical skills through the projects and activities in the accompanying mobile application. Robotics kits are provided to the schools to build their technology laboratories in preparation for Education 4.0. Different robotics packages are available for the various grade levels and courses.

CreoLab allows schools to build their technology laboratories with the learning equipment and kits made available for schools at affordable and flexible payment scheme. The various equipment covers applications for engineering and information technology courses.

CreoNihongo is a program offering for those who are interested to learn the Japanese Language. There are three programs that the schools or students can choose from. The program for beginners is a 20-hour conversational Japanese Language course that can be offered as a foreign language elective course or a summer program. The entry level with certification is the Basic Japanese Language Program that prepares the students for N5 Japanese Language Proficiency Level. It is a 120-hour program for those who are interested to live or work in Japan. The more advanced course is a 36-hour course preparing students to the next level, N4 certification.

CreoLMS is a learning management system platform that schools can use to deliver their students’ online learning needs. Lessons and quizzes can be uploaded for immediate implementation in classes. This is an affordable package specifically designed for schools that implement asynchronous learning with close monitoring of students’ progress and accomplishments.

CreoSuite is what schools need at this time when learning is a priority and quality can never be sacrificed.